About us

About Us

Rent THAT dress was born to deliver to you a unique experience of being a goddess in your own habitat, or wherever your travels take you. You want a gorgeous photo? We want you to have a hassle free experience! Order, pay, enjoy, return!

We offer a variety of beautiful “flying” dresses with long trains so you can have an unforgettable time and make those memories last, as well as easy to attach colorful butterfly wings!

All our dresses are one size - fits XS-XL. Please email us for custom orders to care@rentthatdress.us

Because we operate as a rental company (only accessories are for sale), we charge a deposit. You will see a $200 deposit in your cart applied to each rental item. Your deposit is refunded 2 days after we receive your returned item, because we manually inspect each item.

All our dresses are hand tailored and made from the high quality materials (satin, chiffon, jersey). We are happy to provide you with the quality products and amazing service while minimizing over-consumerism and over-production!